Poste A Souder Et A Decouper 3 En 1 Tig, Mma Et Plasma Ct-312 Inverter + Accesso

Poste A Souder Et A Decouper 3 En 1 Tig, Mma Et Plasma Ct-312 Inverter + Accesso

Poste A Souder Et A Decouper 3 En 1 Tig, Mma Et Plasma Ct-312 Inverter + Accesso
CT312 3in1 Soudeur/Soudage du plasma. Is manufactured with advanced inverter technology. Is rectified from input AC voltage to the high 100KHz frequency AC voltage; as a consequence.

The voltage is transformed and rectified. Ults the much more small-sized of the. Main transformer and lighter in weight of the inverter welding/cutting equipment, which rates the. Performance of cutting by 30%.

The high frequency oscillation, which enables the output of the. High frequency DC, is employed in the arc-starting system. The features of this product are as. Following: stable output, reliable, completely portable, efficient and low noise generated while.

During the operation of MMA welding or TIG welding, this welding & cutting equipment is featured. With the stability of output. The stability of welding current output is not frustrated by variation of. During the plasma cutting operation, being compressed by high pressure of.

Ionized status, as a consequent, it produces the powerful plasma arc for cutting. Employing plasma cutting, it is energy saving and efficient; the high speed of metal cutting. And smooth incised surface is accessible. Pplicable in welding and cutting of various kinds of metal materials, such. As carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper and other nonferrous metals etc.

Uitable for multiple applications such as Mild steel fabrication, light industrial use, site welding. It is to provide a welding characteristics of electrical power. The strength of welds is equivalent to the base metal. Widely used in various industrial fields, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles, containers. Mall in measurement, high efficient, energy saving, stable in output and reliable in quality; the. Ratio of input voltage and output voltage of this welding & cutting equipment is up to 85%. Is a kind of new plastic products, the cover of which are made of. It possesses more advantages compared to machines of iron case, such as beautiful. Design, excellent insulation, and waterproof. Only qualified technician are authorized to carry out the repair task of this welding &. Equipment in case of machine fault. Welding/cutting must only be under the strict and comprehensive observance of all. The switching of function modes is possibly damaging to the. Machine while the welding operation is performed.

Do disconnect the electrode-holder cable with the machine. Before the performance of welding. A safety switch is necessary to prevent the equipment from.

Welding tools should be of high quality. Electric shock: It can kill. Connect the earth cable according to standard regulation.

Avoid all contact with live electrical parts of the welding circuit. Electrodes and wires with bare hands. It is necessary for the. Operator to wear dry welding gloves while he/she performs the. The operator should keep the work piece insulating from.

Smoke and gas generated while welding or cutting: harmful. Avoid breathing the smoke and gas generated while welding or.

Keep the working area in good ventilation. Arc rays: harmful to peoples eyes and skin. Wear welding helmet, anti-radiation glasses and work clothes. Measures also should be taken to protect people in or near the.

The welding splash may cause fire, thus remove flammable. Have a fire extinguisher nearby, and have a trained person. Noise: possibly harmful to peoples hearing.

Noise is generated while welding/cutting, wear approved ear. Protection if noise level is. Contact your local dealer or supplier for further advice.

Exposure to extremely dusty, damp, or corrosive air may cause damage to this welding & cutting machine. In order to prevent any possible failure or fault of this welding & cutting. At regular intervals with clean and dry compressed air of. Lack of maintenance can spell to the unavailability and cancellation of.

Guarantee; the guarantee of this welding & cutting equipment will be no longer. That it has been attempted to take the machine apart or the open the. Moins de pollution et de combustion. Enrichir le matériau de soudure.

Rarement la déformation de soudure. Refroidissement par air, protection thermostatique, adapté au bricolage. Multi-fonction du soudeur TIG et MMA ainsi que la coupe plasma à l'air. Colonne ARC mince, forte pénétrabilité. Technologie d'onduleur MOSFET avancée, haute efficacité de travail, sortie DC.

Structure compacte, pratique à transporter, fiable et durable, facile à entretenir. Capacité de puissance d'entrée. 3 X Set of Tungsten Needle Clip Diversion Pieces (Porcelain Mouth). 3 X Set of Nozzle Electrodes (Porcelain Mouth). X MMA Clamp & Cable.

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Poste A Souder Et A Decouper 3 En 1 Tig, Mma Et Plasma Ct-312 Inverter + Accesso

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